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Aaron's, Inc. Announces Senior Leadership Team - Yahoo Finance

Michaels, President, has been named Aaron's Chief Financial Officer and President of Strategic Operations. In addition to his responsibilities as Chief Financial Officer, Michaels will be responsible for several key business functions, including e-commerce, franchising, information technology, business development and manufacturing. Douglas A. Lindsay, former Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of ACE Cash Express, Inc., has been named President of Aaron's Sales & Lease Ownership. He will be responsible for overseeing Aaron's store-based business, comprised of more than 1,200 Company-operated stores and over $2.0 billion in revenues. His responsibilities will include operations, marketing, merchandising and real estate. Robert W. Kamerschen, Executive Vice President, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary, will also assume the role of Chief Administrative Officer. He will be responsible for legal, compliance, corporate governance, risk management, government relations, external affairs, privacy and physical security.


Be a pupil once again--this time of human nature and leadership by listening to programs and attending teleseminars and training seminars. The marketing, the ad campaign, the slogans all have to be client sensitive if you want the client to buy your product. A partnership usually involves a continuing, long-term business relationship, whereas a joint venture is based on a single business project. We could utilize our positive traits to the maximum and become mindful of our weaknesses when we know ourselves better, thus helping us to attain our fullest leadership abilities. Web software on standard and mobile web browser makes it easy for everyone to see the ToDo’s that contribute to core strategies. A person who understands, and enjoys applying, good people skills will always be a better employee than an equally qualified person who lacks people skills. Roughly 80% of all joint ventures end in a sale by one partner to the other. They may even work very close to each other. This is also when the project members' best ideas come to light as step five in the planning process is all about individual accountability.

Jack Welch, In His Book Winning, Describes A Leader-centric Style This Way: “By Nature, Some People Are Consensus Builders.

Different cultures and management styles result in poor integration and co-operation. The most difficult part of any managers job is people management. He or she has to have certain attributes that will make him or her stand out. Each client is unique, so you need to understand the lifestyle, culture and the environment of the group the business is targeting. Management fads and fancies come and go, but the reality of leadership cannot change.